Portland (1)

Last summer the Filistix crew went on a little road trip to the Pacific Northwest — destination Portland.   I mean, it’s always nice to get out of the city for a while and see something new but, mainly, we heard crazy things about the Portland food scene.

Ed Donszelman from the Culina Family and his wife had been there during the 4th of July weekend and raved about the place.  “Organic this, local that, street food there communal tables here…” you couldn’t stop the guy from telling you where and what he ate!  Naturally, we had to check it out and, believe me, we had no idea how cool this ‘hippy’ city was.

Did you know there are over 500 street food carts in Portland?  This number is even more staggering since the population is a little under 600,000 people.  We have a population of about one million and we probably have no more than 15.  Of course, the weather and the 12 month long vending season are huge reasons why but it is testament at how open the city is to street food and how the food culture has developed in this region.

In the downtown core, you’ll see clusters or ‘pods’ of food trucks that occupy parking lots on almost every block.  In essence, they’re like outdoor food courts and with endless variety to choose from.  You’ve got Mexican, Thai, Korean, Southern BBQ, even Czech cuisine.  But the one thing that is hard to find are hot dogs.  No surprise since this is definitely a foodie town.

–  Food cart pod

– Tabor Czech Truck – Home of the Schitzelwich!

In a city that’s not so corporate, not so hustle-and-bustle, street food culture is a perfect fit for the Portland way of life.  What better way to spend your lunch hour outside in the sun, tucking into a bulgogi taco from the truck around the corner…

– Bulgogi Taco

– This was one of the first wall murals we saw…exactly!

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