Opening Day at the City Market on 104th

What a wicked start to this year’s downtown City Market!  The weather started off a little overcast but it didn’t seem to dull the excitement of all the vendors, old and new.  It was nice to see friends we haven’t seen over the winter months and you could tell everyone was raring to go.

Right at opening bell, the crowds already started to roll in.  As I recall, last year’s opening day didn’t seem to be this busy but the perfect weather had a lot to do with it.  That, and the buzz on Twitter leading up to the weekend.  Roel had a feeling that we would have a good day and things started off on the right foot when our morning customers tried out our new Biscuits and Gravy breakfast special.  This dish was inspired by Pine State Biscuits and our visit to their booth at the Portland Farmer’s Market last summer.   Our version is made with rich Maple Sage sausage gravy, homemade buttermilk biscuits and finished with two strips of Pembina Pork Double Smoked Bacon.

We also made a few tweaks to the menu and added a couple new condiments such as our fresh pineapple salsa and thai chili cucumber salsa.  We top our Filibuns with a dollop of pineapple salsa to add some sweetness and tang to the meat and you can add your own amount of thai chili cucumber salsa depending on how hot you like it, and believe me, this salsa’s got a serious kick!

Thai Chili Cucumber Salsa

It was great to see some of our regulars and a bunch of new faces who tried us out for the first time.  We anticipated it to be busy but we didn’t expect to be sold out by 2pm!  If this is any indication of how the season will be, we’re in for a crazy summer!  Check out some of the reviews of opening day from our friends, Only Here for the Food and Eating is the Hard Part.  See you all next week!

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