Edmonton’s Bistronomic Movement

I read an article in last month’s issue of GQ that made me think about the way our own local food scene is developing in Edmonton.  The article talks about the latest “revolution” happening in Paris where the new school of chefs have abandoned the old fashioned, regimented way of dining.  These chefs talk about their cooking and their restaurants being ‘liberated’ and ‘unrestrained’.  They call this movement Bistronomy.

It seems like Edmonton is going through a bistronomic movement of its own.  Within the last year we’ve seen The Marc, Corso 32, MRKT, Niche, D’Lish Wine Bar and Pampa open their doors to great fanfare.  We’ve seen the Culina Family grow from Millcreek to Highlands to the Muttart.  Although they champion their own unique cuisines, what they do share is a commonality of serving up great food at a great price in an equally great room.

Compared to Calgary, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve been overshadowed by the number of ‘gastropubs’ and ‘restobars’ that have popped up as of the last few years.   But, I honestly feel that our new restaurants and the caliber of food that they serve up ‘pound for pound’ put our southerly neighbors to shame.

I think it may be a bit of a stretch to say that we’re going through a revolution, but regardless, I like the way we’re going in.  So, make a reservation.  Take a date.  Eat some good food.

Artic Char from the Marc

Arctic Char from the Marc

Pork Chop at the Marc

Pork Chop at the Marc




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