What the Truck?!

Kudos to Sharon Yeo (Only Here for the Food) and Mack Male (MasterMaq) for putting on one of the most unique food events we’ve seen in Edmonton.  What the Truck?!, in my opinion, was a great success, not only because of the turn out, but because it pulled together a group of people who believe that our city can indeed have a street food scene.  It was very encouraging to see the amount of effort that the organizers, the volunteers and every food truck put into the event.  And, it was great to see that we actually do have a variety of food trucks out there from pizza, to hot dogs, to Asian, to waffles and to crepes.

I don’t know if it’s the awesome exposure that the Food Network has recently been giving street food or what, but there seems to be more and more food trucks starting up in our city.  Three that come to mind – Drift Food Truck, Molly’s Eats and Nomad Kitchen, are soon to break out into the scene and I, personally, can’t wait for them to do so.  When we first “opened our window” four seasons ago, it was because we felt there was a severe lack of street food culture in the downtown core and it’s so validating to see that there are a few other souls out there who share our vision – the more the merrier.

Reading the tweets and the blogs, we thank all of you who patiently waited in that ridiculous line and tried us out.  We’re glad we could feed you and we do apologize to those who we couldn’t.  Stay tuned for Round 2 of What the Truck – we can’t wait!

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