New Diggz in CAB Café

Since August, we’ve had the pleasure of serving our fare to staff and students at the University of Alberta.  Ever since we started Filistix, we’ve always wanted to set up shop on campus and thankfully, Aramark, the group who manages the food services on campus, gave us the chance to do so.

Aramark has done a great job in bringing in new food options to the university.  They’ve revamped their cafeteria in Lister Hall to make it into sort of a market style eatery and they brought in big brands such as Starbucks – good move.  They also brought in small, local food carts, like our friends, Fat Franks and Eva Sweet Waffles, to give staff and students a different dining experience.  During the summer months, the three of us were set up outside in various locations like Quad and University Station.  They must have liked what we’ve done because now we all have indoor booths in CAB Café where we can vend during the school year.

Filistix at Educ Bldg

At What the Truck 2, we brought out our new fall menu.  We wanted to get back to our roots and represent more traditional Filipino cuisine.  Dishes like Chicken Adobo, Beef Caldereta, and Coconut Curry Chicken were some of our faves growing up so we thought we’d introduce our customers to them.  We had such great feedback that we’ve adopted these dishes for our new CAB menu.  We’ve also added a couple vegetarian dishes like our Signature Slaw and our 3 Bean Fili-Chili.

New Menu

Having our own little booth space, we decided that it was time to freshen up our brand.  We redid our menu board, took new photos of our food and changed up our logo.  Although the current set up isn’t ideal, I think we did a great job in working with what was available to us.

Roel, Lauren, Kevin

The Filistix Crew – Lauren, Roel and Kevin


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