Outdoor Season 2012 #ualberta #yegfood

Spring is upon us and we’re excited for the outdoor season to begin.  We’re grateful to have had a wonderful indoor season at CAB at the U of A and Robbins Health Learning Center at Macewan U but we’re definitely looking forward to the sunny days and some rainy ones too.

We’ll be a regular fixture at the U of A from Monday to Friday in the Quad and our hours will be from 11am-2pm.  We’ll also be showcasing a new summer menu which will change on a weekly basis.  There will be one grilled feature, one sandwich feature and one vegetarian feature.

This week our grilled feature is a Teriyaki Chicken over Jasmine Rice with our Signature Slaw.  Our sandwich feature is our Fili-Beef Dip topped with a Roasted Onion Jam and au jus.  Our vegetarian dish, which was a hit at the Pop Up we did at Lister Hall last month, is a Sweet Potato and Green Lentil Curry.

We’ve also given our cart a bit of a refresh.  We wanted a cleaner look and to incorporate our new logo.  Shout out to Byron and Jenn for the design and their vision in taking elements of the Philippine flag and transforming it into a spork – perfect!

So after a long week of preparation we’ll be ready to spread the Fili-love tomorrow at 11am.  See you soon.

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